Every little thing counts


This is absolutely one of my favorite TEDtalks and helps everyone put these amazing physical feats into context.  There are so many different threads of idea's Mr. Epstein presents, but there is only one message that arch's the entire talk .  The idea that every little change in training, environment, and equipment counts when you become an elite athlete.  When you are competing against the worlds best 1%, the track lane, wind speed, temperature, training, coaching, all play a factor whether you will cross that finish line first or last.  That fraction of a second, half a stride can be the difference between being a millionaire or going home with nothing.  This is why I stress to my athletes that therapy is just as important as training is for your sport. Aside from the obvious of making sure you can train without injury, a good sports Chiro/Physio/Message Therapist is needed on your support team.  This team of therapist can help you prevent injuries from happening, increase ranges of motion, and assess better movement.  Who know's if that extra degree of hip flexion could be the reason you're a half a stride faster than second place???