July 2014- Athlete of the Month

Coach Justin Murphy @ CrossFit Strong


Justin Murphy





Events you have won

Europa 1st place

World War Fit Austin 1st place

The Fittest Games Austin 1st place

Who are your role models?

Chris Spealler, world class CrossFitter, Coach, Dad, and genuine great guy!

Chuck Swindoll, Preacher of Stonebriar Community Church

What do you love about your sport?

I love how it has completely changed my life. CrossFit gives me something to work towards everyday, from inspiring others through coaching and through the abilities the Lord has blessed me with. Such a humbling sport filled with inspiring individuals all working together to change the world through fitness.

What’s your goal this year?

Top 10 at the CrossFit Regionals

Favorite Sports Themed Movie?

Friday Night Lights