September 2014- Athlete of the Month

Coach Roberts from Tigers Den Crossfit

Name (Full): Phillip C. Roberts


Sport: Weightlifting/ CrossFit

Events you have won: Lock and Load open

American Open qualifier

3rd place, CrossFit 210 open weightlifting meet (lost to Aja Barto and Bobby Sirkis)

Who is your role model? Kendrick Farris, Donny Shankle

What do you love about your sport? Weightlifting is a perfectionist sport, a game of milimeters. It takes incredible practice and skill just to get the 2 disciplines good, and another amount of long years to become great.

What’s your goal this year? Become a top 10 lifter in the 94kg class in America with only a year of actual lifting under my belt.

Favorite Sports Themed Movie? Cliche but I love Remember the Titans

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