What is The Sports Pod?

We are a one-stop shop for body rehab and maintenance. From sports chiropractic, needling, and sports massage therapy. Committed to providing up-to-date and efficient evidence-based care that creates reliable, objective outcome measures. Together we communicate with our client’s shared fitness and health goals, create innovative strategies to achieve those goals, and foster patient education along the way.

Sports Therapy for athletes and others services

We believe that everyone is an athlete! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pro Basketball Player or a Hair Stylist. The fundamentals of anatomy, strength and conditioning, rehab and biomechanics are all the same. It just depends on which part of the continuum you are currently.

The Sports Pod is a multi-disciplinary group of people all focused on getting you back to where you want and need to be. We offer various treatment modalities under one roof. We are your one stop shop for body rehab and maintenance. from Sports Chiropractic, Needling, and Sports Massage Therapy.

Dr. Keck from the sports pod lifting weights

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