The easiest way to prevent injury

It’s a simple equation to injury. If the load you put on any tissue EXCEEDS the capacity for that tissue you will cause injury. All materials on earth have a load limit. Metals, Woods and Minerals have a capacity for force/load. Let’s use a sheet of metal as an example. Run of the mill metal has a load capacity of 100 Newtons of Force. Anything from 0-99, that piece of metal will hold it’s shape and will not yield, but if you but 110 Newtons of Force, it will start to bend. At 200 N of force it will snap in half. Your tissue share the SAME EXACT physical properties. If you never train your calf muscle, and the capacity is only 50 N of force, but than you jump on Floor and you do a full layout and land on your feet with 200 N of force, your calf will snap in half. That’s because your calf was never trained to have the CAPACITY for that LOAD.

The easiest way to increase capacity is just to train for that kind of load. This means doing work outside of your sport and specifically working parts of the chain that are known to be weak. The second easiest way is to increase mobility in your joints. Think of joints and dampeners/springs to soften forces. If you have a severe lack of range of motion in your ankles, than the force transmits from you foot, straight to your calf. However, if you have both a strong calf, and good mobility in those ankles, the force will be absorbed through those two systems.

It really can be as simple as that.

Food for thought.

Dr. Blake Wu



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