Tips for Jumping Cheer

When it comes to jumping, hip mobility and core control are the two major factors to keep in mind. Whether it’s a pike, toe touch, or hurdler, being mobile throughout all ranges of the hips while maintaining control of the core is going to improve jump technique scores. Having a combination of both flexibility and mobility is the key to increasing the precision of each jump. More times than not, balancing mobility with control is what the athletes struggle with the most. There are simple, yet effective, exercises that can be done to ensure there is the required mobility in the hips while maintaining the control in the core necessary to execute jumps at a higher level. Having the understanding of being mobile in one part of the body while being stable in another seems like an elementary idea but making the brain-body connection is often mentally taxing. Cheerleaders are usually known for their flexibility which can be misinterpreted as mobility, but the two are not the same. Controlling the ranges of motion that they are able to move through takes practice. Many athletes compensate for their hip range of motion by recruiting from their low in order to achieve the desired movement. In doing so, these athletes can start to suffer from low back issues. Stabilizing the core in order to take the low back out of the equation will result in less back pain and a greater emphasis on the hips and what they are capable of doing.

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