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We’re getting into golf season and one of the most neglected areas of the golfer is your wrist and thumbs. If you’re holding the club correctly, you’re going to hold it over your thumb. And if you have an immobile thumb, it’ll be very hard for you to get into what we call radial deviation in that backswing.

Helpful Tips To Start Your Golf Season Strong

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If you are a right handed golfer, you really want to spend a lot of time on your left thumb. Grab any type of change plate, spring our fingers out as much as possible, and we’re going to put our thumb on top of the change plate weight, and then you’re going to try to lead forward until you feel a deep stretch in your forearm and also into your thumb.

If you really want to do an extra stretch, extend the thumb more by putting weight over the knuckle of the thumb. Do three sets of two minutes and into that deep thumb stretch.

Speed training not just all about moving the club faster

One of the biggest fallacies of speed training is, thinking that speed is coming from your hands. The key is actually for true power and speed is your hips.

The limiting factor to speed and power is immobility of your hips. The easier way to get into doing more mobility to the hip is getting into a 90-90 position. You’re going to find where your hip bone is on this side, go straight from there and then 90 degrees in there. We’re going to keep both hands on the floor and we’re going to keep her foot on the floor.



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