Lumbar Spine Exercise – A Great Way To Relax

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Sports Doctor Austin Hogan from THE SPORTS POD team talks about the lumbar spine also known as the low back and an easy way to get it moving better, a great way to relax that can help create strength, and prevent lower back pain

Lower Back Pain And Where to start

During our lives most of us will experience some type of low back pain. Most people feel that all they can do is just wait for it to get better or go away. However, lumbar spine exercise is a great way of preventing and mediating low back pain. Regardless of whatever type of athlete you are or the level of physical activities you’re involved in.
A lot of times when people get injured. They tend to tense up and just feel like they don’t want to move it. What we’re going to show you is a very safe way to start your low back from moving again.

lumbar spine exercise demo by dr. hogan

Lumbar Spine Exercise Method

The first thing that we need to do is lay on the floor. We should be having a little bit of curve in our low back area as we are laying down. The next move is to tighten up our abs as we’re trying to push our low back down into the floor. The pelvis should be tucked up and there should be a little less space where we are pushing our lower back down further into the floor.

By the time we feel our low back is kind of engaged with the ground. We’ll hold that position for around 10 seconds. Again, abs should be nice and tight, and avoid pushing down through the feet while we’re doing this. Then we’ll lift our low back up, and take a nice deep breath to try to relax everything. Tighten those abs again, push down to the floor, and we’re going to hold that for 10 seconds.

And so we’re just going to do this for around four or five minutes. It’s really a safe way to start the back moving which can help if you’re having some low back pain. If you struggle with this that’s OK; a lot of people will. You can do this as much as you want for five, ten, or fifteen minutes. This is just a great way to get it moving as it’s very low stress, and very safe. I like to give this to almost everybody. Doing it while taking some deep breaths is a great way to relax and destress.



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