Hip CAR variation (Controlled Articulation Rotation) – The Perfect Dosage

Hip CAR (Controlled Articulation Rotation), An essential exercise to take off hip restrictions, allows you to move freely, and increases your range of motion.

hip exercise demonstrated by Dr. Hogan and Dr. Gabi from The Sports Pod clinic

Hip CAR (Controlled Articulation Rotation) Steps

This is Dr. Hogan with The Sports Pod team. Today we’re going to go through my new favorite hip exercise. Together with Dr. Gabi we’ll b demonstrating the perfect dose for hip-controlled articulation rotation.

First, let’s get on a bench and hug it nice and tight. Let’s position our ribs right in line with the bottom of the bench. We’ll tighten up our abs and flex the lumbar spine a little bit. Before we go through our hip car.

When most people go through a hip-controlled articular rotation, they dump their pelvis and go into lumbar extension. We’re going to get rid of all of that by blocking with the bench.
Let’s take our hip and swing it out to the side then slowly bring our hip around, making sure we keep it nice and tight. Were going to squeeze our hamstrings, squeeze our glutes, and try to get into hip extension. Let’s move our hips tighten that backup and then bring it back down.

Now we’re going to reverse it, making sure we keep it nice and tight up into extension squeeze the glute and hamstring. Let’s swing it around, keeping it nice and tight in and down. These can get really spicy. Ideally, three to five reps are the perfect dosage for these hip cars that we just did.

If you’re not sure that you’re doing it the right way. Check out the video below for specific steps.



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